An Exceptional Supplier

Managing multiple processes of outsourcing products and services costs a lot and involve risks. Why not use end-to-end service that earns the trust from customers worldwide? If you're looking for a supplier that offers a full range of services, including factory audits to logistics and product development to marketing support, LUMI is the perfect choice for you. LUMI's exceptional procurement service system is based on a holistic point of view. Our service system isn’t a simple reactive model of buying and selling products. We team up with our customers to develop proactive procurement process - we help our customers to save cost and time, add value, maintain and improve quality. For us, procurement isn’t a one-time project or initiative. It is a continuous circle of functions to discover, improve and assess the procurement activities to boost your business and bring improved sustainability to all stakeholders.


Our team with more than 10 years of sourcing experience has the proficiency and knowledge of product sense & development. With the capacity to understand needs from both of the market and customer levels, we will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Precise Research

We follow up market trends and utilizes meaningful market insights to develop competitive products and expand buying options.

Rigorous Selection

Every item is hand-picked and quality-checked. With every deed, decision, and selection, we are determining where we will end up. Selection is based solely on merit.

1-to-1 Project Tracking

All requests are handled on a case-by-case basis. We build flexible interactive relations with our customers, and listen to their needs in order to help them identify opportunities easier, faster and more accurately.

Comprehensive Support

We also provides a full range of marketing service including packaging, imagery design, display design, animation, video production, and more. Owing to a professional in-house marketing team, we have the expertise, technical skills and creativity to help our customers catch the eyeballs and make end customers tick.


We continuously embrace new thoughts, new minds and new talents to innovate supply chains. We aim for establishing a service system with flexibility and scalability to meet institutional procurement needs and build long-term partnership.

Vast Resources

With more than 700 qualified partner factories, we have the depth and breadth of product sourcing to meet the demands of ever-changing markets.

Detailed Assessment

By incorporating more measurable methods, we have established a reliable factory audit mechanism to select and evaluate the factories you can count on.

Strict Quality Control

With sophisticated requirements on performance excellence, we want to ensure quality in all aspects of well-designed operational processes —— incoming quality inspection, production in-process inspection, pre-shipment functional testing and supervised container loading.

Annual Oversight

Year after year, we persistently inspect and improve factories' performance in order to strengthen your confidence in product quality, supply stability and cost management.